31 July 2008


They're On To Me

A few weeks ago I came across someone talking about his blog at the Obama site under the name Jim Jones. I decided to play along and created a site as well. Tonight I logged in to write about Slublog's latest photoshop. Much to my dismay I learned I couldn't enter the site because my account had been disabled.

Maybe it was because of my last post. This morning I received a message from the Obama site asking me to be part of a great effort to reach all 50 states. I pointed out at my Obama site that the Messiah had recently stated there were 60 states and because he is the Messiah, He must be right. Therefore, I Hoped! the campaign would read my post and Change! their solicitation letters. There is one comment on the post, but I can't read it because my account has been disabled.

I also wish I could remember where I saw Jim Jones talking about his fun at the Obama site so I could properly give him credit.

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