09 December 2007


Catch-22 Review

Wow, I really blew the plan to read Catch-22 during November. Work became extremely busy and I didn't feel like doing much when I got home. During the last few weeks I have picked it up again and am around chapter nine. Unfortunately, the book is at work so I can't give an in depth review. However, to get something up about the book I will post what little I remember, without a reference.

I'm enjoying the book. It's strange and sometimes hard to follow, but it has an easy pace and the deeper I get, the more I want to read. Once again though, work prevails. It was somewhere in chapter six, I think, where the definition of catch-22 is given. I wish I had the book in front of me to quote. Basically, to be medically disqualified to fly one can be declared insane, but if you ask to be declared insane, you are too sane to be insane. Alas, the principal character Yossarian is caught in this struggle.

Some parts I found confusing in the beginning are slowly being explained. I now understand who the dead soldier in Yossarian's tent is and how the body isn't there, but just his effects. Its also fun to try and follow the time line as things bounce around as each character is introduced.

That's all for now. I will try and remember to bring the book home and get more chapters read. Now the goal has to be getting the book read in two months.

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Jiffy Lube

I didn't write down my local Jiffy Lube's sign a few weeks ago, nor posted an entry. It was related to the writer's strike and was along the lines of "Sign Writers On Strike". Yesterday I was driving by and the sign read
"Holy cold Batman"
Evidently the sign writers are still on strike. It hasn't even been that cold around here.

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