13 December 2008


Alaska National Guard Brings in Santa Claus

Gov Sarah Palin helped Santa Claus bring Christmas to Alaskan communities.

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11 December 2008


Obama Standard Apology Form

From Secundus

FROM: President-elect Barack Obama

TO: His loving and faithful citizenry

The President-Elect would like all people to know that he has (circle one) never met/ met socially/ met once several years ago the person(s) mentioned in the (circle one) indictment/ hateful church sermon/ sex scandal/ terrorist group/other_________. Furthermore, he deplores and regrets any action(s) or hateful speech(es) these person(s) may have or have not made, and hopes we can make a swift recovery from these incident(s) and move forward in the spirit of Hope and Change.

In addition, we must recognize that this (circle all that apply) terrorist incident/ hateful church sermon/ bribery scandal/ crooked political appointment/ other________________ happened _____ years/ months/ days (circle one) ago, and is thus old news anyway. Racists.


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02 December 2008


iTunes More Concerned About Credit Card Fraud Than Obama

It was mentioned numerous times during the election campaign and Obama's blatant disregard of credit card rules that any on-line merchant required more confirmation than the Obama site. One tool used by Obama to acquire illegal foreign donations was to allow gift cards. Today I went to purchase some songs through iTunes and was presented with a new service agreement. I actually read through it instead of blindly clicking yes and this paragraph popped out.
We are unable to accept credit cards issued by banks outside of the United States or prepaid gift cards issued by credit card companies. Debit cards and check cards have daily spending limits that may prevent the processing of your order.
It still frosts me that this no-talent ass-clown cheated the system and got away with it. The worst part is that legal actions aren't being pursued.

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