25 May 2007


Delightful News

Using the power of TiVo, I think I'm caught up with all of the Passport of Europe episodes. This week I was pleased to see a commercial for a new series starring the lovely Samantha Brown. On June 6, the Travel Channel premieres Passport to Latin America. The first night Samantha will travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. New episodes with Samantha, great news. Be sure to tune in or set your TiVo.

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22 May 2007


Doing Work Americans Won't Do

Others have said this, but it's a good question. If the Mexican invaders are here to do the jobs Americans won't do, what happens when they become Americans with the amnesty bill? Will they all quit their jobs. After all, they are now Americans and most likely won't want to do those jobs.

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20 May 2007


Social Security Won't Be There

My birthday is coming up. I know this because I recently received my annual statement from the Ponzi Scheme Administration. It is sent out a few months before your birthday. In it, I learned how much of my income has been frittered away and what I won't be seeing when I retire.

From the statement I received:
Today there are more than 37 million Americans age 65 or older. Their Social Security retirement benefits are funded by today's workers and their employers who joint who jointly pay Social Security taxes... Unless action is taken soon to strengthen Social Security, in just 10 years we will begin paying more in benefits than we collect in taxes. Without changes, by 2040 the Social Security Trust Fund will be exhausted.
The Motley Fool recently talked about Social Security again: Social Security Is for Suckers.They quote the same data from my statement.
America's Social Security system is on exceptionally shaky footing. Don't just take my word for it. Based on data from the Social Security Administration, it will:
  • Begin paying out more than it takes in as revenues in 2017.
  • Exhaust its "trust fund" in 2041.
  • Require $4.7 trillion in extra revenue to pay estimated benefits for the next 75 years.
They also give suggestions for preparing for retirement without relying on Social Security.

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19 May 2007


Mr. F

I've been watching Arrested Development via Netflix this week. What a great show. Therefore, the episode Mr. F was fresh in my mind when I read this article.
Oscar winner Charlize Theron didn't need a red carpet to show off her modelicious moves Monday night. Spies outside downtown eatery La Esquina saw the star "putting on a show . . . catwalking in front of the restaurant." One bystander asked, "What's wrong with her?" Another told Page Six, "She was doing that walk for almost five minutes."
A sexy retard indeed.

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Google Image Labeler

Wuzzadem points out Google's Image Labeler. It's fun. The goal is to improve Google's labeling system for it's image search engine. Currently I'm fourth on today's list.

Of course Wuzzadem's take is funny as well.

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18 May 2007


A Threesome in the Future (in bed)?

My wife and I went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant last night. Our fortunes meshed well when playing the "in bed" game. Her fortune was "Now is a great time to meet new friends." Mine was "A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon in the coming week." A pleasant surprise means it won't be what J.D. in "My Cold Shower" refers to as a Devil's threesome.

The "in bed" game reminds me of the great skit from "Upright Citizen's Brigade" on fortune cookies. It's not on YouTube, but I did find it here.

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07 May 2007


Quote of the Day

"[Ted] Rall is basically little more than pus in human form.", John Podhoretz

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06 May 2007


A Star Wars Fan as a Headline Writer

Skywalkers in Korea cross Han solo.

(h/t the Corner)


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