29 April 2006


Justine Bateman Goodness

Wizbang has posted new pictures of actress Justine Bateman attending a Hollywood premiere. Justine is one of Ace's indicators of good economic news. I hadn't thought of her in a while, until Ace posted her picture a few weeks ago. I'm glad he did because I now know who a girl at church reminds me of, Justine.

I a weird and small way Justine plays a small part in my being a conservative. Actually, it wasn't her character on Family Ties, but Alex P. Keaton. I thought that character was great and I wanted to grow up and be like him. He was smart, confident, and wanted to make money. The perfect, evil conservative. At the time I thought his father was a flake, but didn't understand why. Now I understand why, flaming leftist hippie.

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27 April 2006


This Sums It Up

I wish I'd seen this earlier in the week. Then I could have just printed it and sent it in with the survey. Sums up things quite well.

(Hat tip: The Bitch Girls)

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26 April 2006


Let Them Buy Votes With This Money

I can't remember when I first saw the graphic. It might have been a link from Instapundit, I don't know. However, it was such a great graphic, that I saved it in the hopes of using it in the future. When I did a search to give credit, none of the sites looked familiar. Try spending these pesos RNC.

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Last week I received a survey from Senator Frist's office and got my chance to use it. I printed a few on nice stock card, to provide some weight, and included them in the envelope. In addition, I let them know why they aren't getting any money by adding notes in all the margins. The simple fact is that they are not acting as though they are in the majority and they are spending too much. Why is the Department of Education still around? Why haven't they abolished the Intergenerational Ponzi Scheme? Seal the borders! Stop being afraid of your shadow. Lead!

Yes, if the Democrats were in charge they would surrender in the war against the ROP and people who can read the Constitution would not get on the Supreme Court. Those are very important aspects. Therefore, there is no way I would vote for one. However, there has to be a way to scare the Republicans into leading. Really, the Republicans have morphed into the Democrat party of old, the Democrats have fallen off the edge and are a joke, and there is no small government party at the moment.

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20 April 2006


Can I Touch Your Boobs?

Sure you've seen those young guys wearing FBI shirts, where FBI means Female Body Inspector. There's also the Free Breast Exam T-shirts. Well one guy figured out found a better way. Don't be obvious with the corny T-shirt, but pose as a doctor, go door-to-door, and offer free breast exams. SmokingGun.com has all the details.

Neal notices that the gentlemen bears a resemblance to a certain senator from Massachusetts. He's asking his listeners to send him their Photoshop attempts. I'm a Gimp guy and as my lame Ronnie Earle post shows, I'm not very good. If you are good with digital editing show Neal what you can do.

16 April 2006


Happy Holidays

Wishing one and all a happy holiday.

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15 April 2006


The Fun of the Blogosphere

This stuff is great. Tanker posts over at Ace's about the hippies being upset about being rescued by violent people. The comments take a weird turn when Aristotle shows up to reply to a Plato quote with, "Bite me, Plato." Then Confucius, Socrates, Plutarch, Alexander, Friedrich Nietzsche, Queen Victoria, and Ben Franklin, among others, arrive and now the comments almost entirely consist of those personae conversing with each other. Go check it out.

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12 April 2006


Technorati Test

Testing tags.


08 April 2006


New Method Of Posting

Debian finally added Firefox 1.5 to testing. Now I can get the latest version of Deepest Sender, which includes support for Blogger. I'm now giving it a try.

05 April 2006


Job Posting

WANTED: Chief Executive Officer for failing radio network. Must be able to raise large amounts of money rapidly through any means. Must not have a conscience about stealing. Must hate President Bush and all Republicans more deeply than Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

QUALIFICATIONS: Small brain, underdeveloped intellectual curiosity, and ability to fly during lunar phases.

This is a 3-month contract position that will likely not be extended.

PAY: 10% of all money stolen.

From the comments at Little Green Footballs for Air America CEO Bails.

04 April 2006


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Sure that phrase gets thrown around a lot, but here is one more example. Wizbang has the details, but the gist is a man discovers abandoned puppies near his house, he takes the puppies to the animal shelter, the shelter won't take the puppies because they weren't found in its district, man's solution is to "abandon" the puppies a few blocks from the shelter and call the shelter, they arrive and fine the man for animal cruelty. There's your good deed for the day.

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