11 November 2007


Google Steps Up

I've criticized Google before for not supporting America with their logo on special days, while commemorating seemingly insignificant events. Well today they did right and need to be acknowledged. Positive reinforcement can be good. Here is Google's logo for today, Veteran's Day.

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03 November 2007



Last year, the defective yeti decided to observe National Novel Writing Month by reading a book in 30 days instead of writing one. He chose Moby Dick and shared the process with his readers. I enjoyed following along and was a little troubled when it stopped abruptly.

This year he planned to do it again and let the readers play a part in it. A poll was held to pick this year's book and Catch-22 won. I decided to play along and received my copy from Paperback Swap on Wednesday. I haven't read anything yet and am already behind. Today will be spent reading and hopefully I will have my first report up tomorrow.

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