12 December 2006


Where's The Warp Zone?

Nothing has been heard from my favorite podcast since October 22nd. With Cris Murphy moving to town it was hoped that episodes would be more frequent. Alas that is not the case. Please make some more episodes. Hope all is well.


10 December 2006


Loved Seeing This

I was driving around town today and was behind an SUV at one point. It was one of those cars I've dubbed a "resume car", i.e., it has a lot of bumper stickers that list the driver's life story or philosophies. This one was driven by your standard issue moonbat. It had a few BDS stickers, but the one that took the cake was a "GOP - Grand Oil Party" sticker. Here is a moonbat driving a gas-guzzling SUV and has the audacity to call the GOP the party of oil. I could see that sticker on a Prius, but putting it on an SUV smacks of hypocrisy.

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03 December 2006


Navy Responding to San Francisco

A few weeks ago I wrote about Stanley Kurtz's idea about the Navy not sending the Blue Angels to San Francisco next year. Maybe that will still happen, but one step has been taken against the anti-military town. The Navy was planning to commission its newest warship, the Makin Island, in San Francisco. That ceremony now has been moved to San Diego.

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