29 August 2008


Summing Up The Election Choices

This blog doesn't have much original content. Maybe I can at least highlight comments I find and like. Here's a brief synopsis of the the candidates for president by Holdfast over at Ace's.
Nope, the experience argument still plays - mayor and governor - actual executive jobs. John McCain ran a massive attack squadron with a multi-million $ budget. Obama ran for office. Biden ran his mouth.

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An Olympic Theme

Last week my local Jiffy Lube took an Olympic turn.
We're faster than Michael Phelps

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01 August 2008


My Work At Obama's Site Gets Noticed

While trying to use Google to find any cached versions of my Obama blog, I discovered someone had written about one of my posts. I had talked about all of the halo pictures of Obamessiah and linked to post about a weird photo Snapped Shot discussed. The people at Snapped Shot discovered the post and mentioned it. Thanks for noticing.

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