27 February 2009


Differenet Choice of Words

I'm on vacation this weekend and staying out of town. This morning I was having breakfast in the hotel lobby and subjected to CNN Headline News. They were talking about President Affirmative Action heading to Camp Lejeune to spit on the troops in person instead of by proxy. The newsreader uttered a phase that probably wasn't heard on HLN during the last eight years. He reminded the viewers that President Crypto-Marxist Stumblefuck is "our President". Nice of them to discover that phrase after a long hiatus.

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13 February 2009


Where Are The Morons Going To Get Their Vodka

Val-u-Rite Vodka is the alcohol of choice at Ace of Spades HQ. A business writer includes Rite Aid in his list of 15 companies he thinks might not survive 2009. What is a hobo-killing moron supposed to do?

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