27 June 2009


People's Pervert

Princess Diana was known as the "People's Princess". Burgess Meredith died a few weeks after she did and the Don and Mike show emulated the incessant coverage of Princess Di and referred to him as the People's Penguin. Now that Michael Jackson has died, should we refer to him as the People's Pervert?

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01 June 2009


New Spanish Word

During the election season I saw a lot of Obamanos bumper stickers. I'm still seeing them and my one year of high school Spanish class reminds me that this is a first person plural conjugate of a verb. I've decided that the verb obamar means "to be fucked". Using a Spanish verb conjugations site, I learn the different conjugations.
Present Indicative:
yo obamo - I'm fucked
tú obamas - You're fucked
él/usted obama - He's fucked
nosotros obamamos - We're fucked
vosotros obamáis - You're (a group) fucked
ellos/ustedes obaman - They're fucked

With the way the last four months have gone, the Obamanos bumper stickers are appropriate. We're fucked!

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Interesting Spam

Bogofilter does a good job of catching spam for me and I can't remember the last time spam found a way to my inbox. Yesterday I was looking through the spam folder for grins and noticed a new and interesting subject line, "US Senator dies in brothel". A nice change from the medical and pron subject lines. That one might get me to click on it, if it wasn't in my spam folder.

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