07 April 2009


Comment of the Day

Definite thread winner at DrewM's post about Bush killing saving 1.1 million Africans with his AIDS initiative.

Who cares? George Bush is a WAR CRIMINAL! He probably just saved those Africans so he could exploit them later or drop a nuclear bomb on them for fun - or have Dick Cheney's goon doctors do fucking experiments on them with LSD and Chlamydia and take pictures of them to put into medical books published by Haliburton!

If there was even an ounce of goodwill in anything that devil Bush did - it was probably coerced by the fact that these Africans are the ones who KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT 9-11. That the "so-called" terrorists were actually suicide CIA agents who trained in secret in Africa for the 9-11 attacks. So if that Fascist Bush did anything to help those Africans - it was certainly to convince them to "shut up" about the truth of 9-11!

Bush was a motherfuckin SLAVE OWNER in another life. No strike that - he was SLAVE MERCHANT who used to use twinkies to entice and then CAPTURE starving African's. Then he transported them to the U.S.A. in his bloody slave ship and used the women slaves as his "belly warmers" on cold nights before he sold them in a Haliburton owned slave auction is some fucking southern state where everyone had guns and pickup trucks and fucking Nascar and shopped at that Cheney-Sponsored sweatshop known as Walmart!

God Damn it people! When are we going to try and put this fucker away for life?

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