29 April 2008


Bumper Sticker Poll

I've seen other bloggers take bumper sticker polls to get a feel for who's leading in the presidential race. I've seen a few Hillary and Obama stickers and an occasional McCain sticker. The car I saw last week though takes the cake. On one side was a Hillary bumper sticker and on the other was an Obama sticker. Not sure what the occupant was trying to convey.


26 April 2008


Jiffy Lube Out of Ideas

My local Jiffy Lube, which I mention occasionally, currently has writer's block. Usually, the board has a witty saying, but when I drove by this week the sign was soliciting ideas and asked for you to call the manager with yours. If you have short, witty sayings, typically referencing pop culture, leave them in the comments and I'll pass them on to the manager.


22 April 2008


Happy Earth Day

To help celebrate the hippie holiday of Earth Day, I thought I'd dig up an old Cox and Forkum cartoon.

Unfortunately, Cox and Forkum stopped posting last September. They were one of my daily stops.

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21 April 2008


The Girls of BSG

A nice photo shoot of three of the ladies from Battlestar Galactica. I love Six/Tricia Helfer as a brunette versus a blonde. She looks great in the episodes as Natalie Six.

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