21 October 2010


Taking Ace of Spades Comments to the Real World

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted here.

I wanted to pull this off, but thought better of it. So, I'll mention it here and still get it out of my system.

The comment section at Ace of Spades HQ allows for you to use any name but a hash tag is generated, based on your IP address, to help keep people honest. A lot of fun is had when "celebrities" show up; a running gag is Charlie Gibson showing up to claim he isn't familiar with the topic.

Last week I received a postcard from the locate law enforcement agency informing me that a sexual predator had moved into the neighborhood. He lives two blocks over and had raped a ten year old. After the shock wore off, I thought about sending him a welcome note.
Welcome to the neighborhood. I like the cut of your jib and want to subscribe to your newsletter. Too bad you aren't a critically acclaimed director. Then people would be supporting you instead of ostracizing you.

Roman Polanski
After thinking it over, it probably wouldn't go over well and he wouldn't get the joke. That's why I'll post it here.

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