31 December 2005


And the Answer Is...

A leftist cartoonist poses this question.
And a teenager answers him thusly.
Michelle Malkin has the details.


Happy Marxist Holiday

Now's the time of year when white liberals want to show how caring they are by celebrating Kwanzaa. Along with that come the articles debunking this holiday and showing it for what it is, a celebration of Marxist ideas. One of the best this year is Ann Coulter. Here's a sampling:
When Karenga was asked to distinguish Kawaida, the philosophy underlying Kwanzaa, from "classical Marxism," he essentially explained that under Kawaida, we also hate whites. While taking the "best of early Chinese and Cuban socialism" -- which one assumes would exclude the forced abortions, imprisonment for homosexuals and forced labor -- Kawaida practitioners believe one's racial identity "determines life conditions, life chances and self-understanding." There's an inclusive philosophy for you.

22 December 2005


He's an Asshole and Proud of It

Markos "Screw 'em" Zuniga is profiled in a Washington Monthly article. Decision '08 picks out the highlights and lowlights. The worst part is that he feels vindicated by his screw 'em comment.
And sometimes infantile and absurd. The site in recent months has become to seem like the site of some arcane political Thermidor with puzzled liberals being endlessly impaled upon pikes. In June 2003, after television cameras caught a cheering, thousand-strong mob in Fallujah dragging the charred, dismembered bodies of American contractors through the streets, Moulitsas linked to the reports and said of the contractors: "I feel nothing... Screw them." The declaration, gleefully seized on by right-wing bloggers, provoked weeks of controversy. Democratic candidates came under pressure to pull their advertisements from the site, and even Moulitsas's traditional allies in the liberal blogosphere--including The Washington Monthly's Kevin Drum--criticized him. (When I asked Moulitsas recently how he felt about the episode, his mouth stretched into a smile: "Vindicated," he said...)
Not sure how he thinks he's been vindicated. That line was a sign of malice. Check out the article to see what a charming fellow Kos is.

h/t Ace.

14 December 2005


Great With A Camera

It there's a protest in the San Francisco area, Zombie Time will be there with his camera. Here he captures the scene outside of San Quentin for Stanley "Tookie" Williams' vigil. Amazing how the supposed peaceful protesters, the ones against the death penalty, resort to violence and threats of violence to make their points.

12 December 2005


The Perfect Game For Bush-Haters

Tired of the evil Chimpy McBushitler ruining your world? Does Haliburton pose a greater threat to world than Saddam did? Do thoughts of Wal-Mart's success consume your every waking moment with fear? If so, then this is the game for you Cactus Bruce & The Corporate Monkeys. It has everything for the Bush hater. Our lovable hero is a cactus, which score a plus on the environmental side. He is also a pirate, which are similar to today's terrorists or as Bush haters refer to them, Minutemen. Bruce's enemy are the dreaded corporate monkeys, every thing wrong about Bush rolled into one, the chimp reference and evil corporations. It's Bruce's job to rid the world of the evil corporate monkeys. Take out your aggression on Bush with this game.

It's a great game even for the apolitical or Bush supporters. You just have to avoid the obvious political overtones. Check it out.


Why Mommy is a Democrat

Here's a book to add to your Christmas list, "Why Mommy is a Democrat". Of course, if you're a good Democrat you don't celebrate Christmas, but celebrate Happy Holidays. So add it too your Happy Holidays list. Also, a good Democrat woman would have slaughtered her baby in the womb so she doesn't have any one to explain it to. "Hello little blob of non-descript tissue. Mommy doesn't believe you are a person. That is why I am a Democrat. Now this doctor is going to stick a vacuum tube in my vagina and suction out this blob."

via the Corner

09 December 2005


Republicans Find Backbone

In a surprising development, the Republican National Committee has found its backbone. They've taken off the gloves and calling the Democrats what they are, proponents of surrender. Maybe it was all of those nine cent donations they have been receiving. I returned my RNC survey with a nickel and four pennies taped to the top. Whatever it is, it is a refreshing development.



Welcome Ace of Spades readers. I'd tell you to stick around and read what else I have to say, but it's quite limited. I need to pick up the pace if I want to start rolling in that crazy blog money. Maybe this weekend I will regale you with how I inadvertantly gave a site its second largest day of hits.

04 December 2005


Prudes in Europe

The prudes in Europe are at it again. They want to ban women lewdly rubbing against a statue. Why can't they be more enlightened? One would expect this from the evil John Ashcroft, but not highly tolerant Europe.

02 December 2005


Merry Christmas ACLU

Kevin McCullough wants people to send the ACLU a Christmas card. What a wonderful idea.

01 December 2005


The Democrats Respond To President Bush

Wuzzadem has the low down on the Democrats canned responses to President Bush.

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