12 December 2005


The Perfect Game For Bush-Haters

Tired of the evil Chimpy McBushitler ruining your world? Does Haliburton pose a greater threat to world than Saddam did? Do thoughts of Wal-Mart's success consume your every waking moment with fear? If so, then this is the game for you Cactus Bruce & The Corporate Monkeys. It has everything for the Bush hater. Our lovable hero is a cactus, which score a plus on the environmental side. He is also a pirate, which are similar to today's terrorists or as Bush haters refer to them, Minutemen. Bruce's enemy are the dreaded corporate monkeys, every thing wrong about Bush rolled into one, the chimp reference and evil corporations. It's Bruce's job to rid the world of the evil corporate monkeys. Take out your aggression on Bush with this game.

It's a great game even for the apolitical or Bush supporters. You just have to avoid the obvious political overtones. Check it out.

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