16 January 2007


Check With The Dukes

Someone better check the Dukes' positions in the frozen orange juice futures market. Did they borrow Karl Rove's weather machine?

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03 January 2007


Follow AQIS's Decline

While visiting Yahoo's finance section this week, I discovered they have new modules to put stock tickers on your blog. I took advantage and created one to follow AQIS and the Tribune Company, owners of the Los Angeles Times. Check it out in the left sidebar.

The AQIS's fall is nice, but I sold some of their stock short in an on-line simulator around September, which is about the bottom of their dip. Therefore, I'm losing play money right now.

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Concourse of Hypocrisy

Last month, I mentioned seeing a gas-guzzling SUV with a Grand Oil Party bumper sticker. If only I had a camera on me to share it. Well, Zombie found similar hypocrites in Berkeley and did have a camera handy. Check out Zombie's work.

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01 January 2007


Make Your Own (de)Motivational Poster

My biggest referral hit comes from people looking for the RPG parody motivational posters I found last year. I thought I'd let you know about a site that allows you to make your own posters. It's from the company that created the demotivational posters. Here's my first weak attempt.

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Happy New Year

A happy new year to all you out there. Many blessings upon you.

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