26 April 2006


Let Them Buy Votes With This Money

I can't remember when I first saw the graphic. It might have been a link from Instapundit, I don't know. However, it was such a great graphic, that I saved it in the hopes of using it in the future. When I did a search to give credit, none of the sites looked familiar. Try spending these pesos RNC.

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Last week I received a survey from Senator Frist's office and got my chance to use it. I printed a few on nice stock card, to provide some weight, and included them in the envelope. In addition, I let them know why they aren't getting any money by adding notes in all the margins. The simple fact is that they are not acting as though they are in the majority and they are spending too much. Why is the Department of Education still around? Why haven't they abolished the Intergenerational Ponzi Scheme? Seal the borders! Stop being afraid of your shadow. Lead!

Yes, if the Democrats were in charge they would surrender in the war against the ROP and people who can read the Constitution would not get on the Supreme Court. Those are very important aspects. Therefore, there is no way I would vote for one. However, there has to be a way to scare the Republicans into leading. Really, the Republicans have morphed into the Democrat party of old, the Democrats have fallen off the edge and are a joke, and there is no small government party at the moment.

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