29 April 2006


Justine Bateman Goodness

Wizbang has posted new pictures of actress Justine Bateman attending a Hollywood premiere. Justine is one of Ace's indicators of good economic news. I hadn't thought of her in a while, until Ace posted her picture a few weeks ago. I'm glad he did because I now know who a girl at church reminds me of, Justine.

I a weird and small way Justine plays a small part in my being a conservative. Actually, it wasn't her character on Family Ties, but Alex P. Keaton. I thought that character was great and I wanted to grow up and be like him. He was smart, confident, and wanted to make money. The perfect, evil conservative. At the time I thought his father was a flake, but didn't understand why. Now I understand why, flaming leftist hippie.

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