24 August 2011


Potato Chips for Obama

Ate at Subway and was pleased to see Maui Style Maui Onion potato chips being offered. I've good things about them from people who've been to Hawaii. Didn't know they were available on the mainland. The write-up on the back was interesting and I noticed it happened to capture three places of the SCOMF's youth. Here it is
Howzit, potato chip freaks! Have you ever wondered why Maui Onions test so unreal? It's because they're so happy! I mean, where else can an onion wake up every morning, grab his board, paddle out into the crystal blue, and clock some major tube time in the most awesome wave on the planet? Oh, like Kansas maybe? Yeah, right...as if! There's NO place as classic as MAUI. Except maybe Bali, but I don't think Indonesian onions can surf.

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