27 July 2008


Bears Repeating

This comment was in a post at Ace of Spades on McCain taking the Messiah to task over the surge. It is a good analogy about the surge and I wanted it captured. Here's how Potosi Joel described the difference between McCain and Obama on the surge.

I've been trying to come up with an analogy to get people who pretend they don't (or maybe really don't) understand the difference between Obama and McCain on [the surge], whether it is 16 months or whatever.

Picture Iraq as your house on fire.
The USArmy is the Fire Department.
Nobody wants the Fire Department to be there forever.
Everybody wants the Fire Department to leave at some future point.
When the fire was still burning and the first responders are getting into some trouble, Obama said he wants the FD to leave as soon as it can away without getting too many fireman killed.
When the fire was still burning, McCain said "Hey, how about sounding a second alarm and getting another fire brigade out here," and he wants the FD to stay 100 years if that is what it takes.

Now that the fire is out, McCain says it is a good thing the FD was there, but Obama says the fire would have gone out and your house would have been saved because the fire department didn't put out the fire, it was all that water that landed on your roof.

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