14 November 2006


The Party's Leaving Me

Ronald Reagan, a.k.a. Ronaldus Magnimus, is famous for saying, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party. The party left me." For a long time I've been getting the feeling that the Republican Party is leaving me. They're turning into FDR and JFK democrats. One reason this is happening is because the Democrats have embraced the anti-American wing of the party and spun off way to the left. This left a vacuum in the strong national defense and large government programs field. The Republicans decided to fill this vacuum.

So now we have a Republican Party that wants to defend the country and lower tax rates, but also increase the scope of existing government programs, create the No Child Left Behind program, give prescription drugs to the Give-Me Generation. The party the won the House in 1994 with the Contract With America is gone. Instead of closing the Department of Education it has expanded and Teddy Kennedy was allowed to write No Child Left Behind. Instead of limiting the size of government, we get a Bridge to Nowhere. The party could have ran on the Fair Tax proposal and listened to its constituents and secured the borders. They didn't and lost.

bbeck collected a good list of the Republicans problems
No Child Left Behind
Expanding federal government
Giving up on school vouchers
Tossing pebbles at illegal immigration
Prescription drug program
Permitting the MSM to define torture
Hastert's protection of Congressional offices
Abandoning Tom DeLay when he came under attack
Abandoning Karl Rove when he came under attack
Abandoning Scooter Libby when he came under attack
Letting Sandy Burger off the hook
Letting Richard Armitage off the hook
Refusing to indict treasonous behavior
Refusing to indict Katrina officials
Refusing to take the GWOT seriously enough

Ace asks "Do you really think they're [Republicans] smart enough to learn a lesson?" His answer, "Apparently not." Word is coming out that Mel Martinez will be the next chairman of the RNC. It was thought this weekend that Michael Steele was going on the short list for the job. I saw him on C-Span Sunday and was impressed. Word about Martinez does not thrill me. He doesn't even plan to step down as Senator. So when the Republicans need to focus on the job of regaining control of Congress and finding a candidate to replace Bush, they are thinking of treating it as a part-time job. This doesn't inspire confidence.

I think I'm through fighting for the Republican Party. I'm not leaving it, it is leaving me. I'll be waiting here for the party that will fill the small government vacuum left by the Republicans turning into the Democrats of old. If the Libertarians are ready to step up to the plate I'll help. They need to be stronger on national defense. There is a void to be filled and right now the Republicans don't seem to want to be that party. Good riddance.

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