01 August 2006


We Are All Special

Byron York, in the Corner, points out more craziness at Kos and the trouble it might cause political candidates. He quotes a poster echoing Markos "Screw them" Zuniga. I noticed something else in the post. The poster says everyone is chosen.
I have news for you and the rest of the world. Sorry, but you are not the chosen-ones as much as you want to believe your own bullsh**t. Everyone in this world are the chosen-ones. Every man, woman and child in this world are the chosen-ones. No matter race or religion!!! I am getting very close to saying "SCREW YOU, ISRAEL"!!!!!!! What goes around comes around. You are creating your own HELL on earth. You are creating more and more hatred towards yourself!! "An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind" GANDHI (Emphasis added)
Of course we all can't be chosen. It means to be preferred or separated from. Reminds me of those punks trying to rebel, but end up looking like most others.

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