13 August 2006


Comedy Central Pusses Out Again

I'm not a fan of Carlos Mencia and his 'oooh, I'm edgy' shtick. I've seen the commercials for his Religious Battle Royale and wondered how he would handle Mohamed. Well, he took the cowardly route. Flipping around the channels, I stopped at Comedy Central as I saw the fight in progress. A blue person with four arms, I think it is Vishnu, is attacked by an unseen assailant. Carlos is the ring-side commentator and announces that the assailant is Mohamed, who can't be shown because it is forbidden and some people might blow things up.

Just as what recently happened in "Cartoon Wars" on South Park, Comedy Central opts out of showing Mohamed. Even though he made an appearance in the Super Best Friends episode years before. For someone who purports to be an edgy comedian who takes on everyone, Carlos decides not to push the envelope. Not so tough.

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