08 August 2006



I should remember to have an article written and then send Ace the link. A women claims in Esquire to have two vaginas.
What I've got is a rare condition called didelphic uterus--two vaginas, two cervices, and two uteruses. I look completely normal from the outside, but there's a septum inside where everything branches into two. My doctor says I'm one in a million.
I was reminded by the comments at Ace's of the song Don Geronimo of the Don & Mike Show wrote in tribute of Bewitched, "My Two Dicks".

"My Two Dicks"
by Don Geronimo

They're my two Dicks, oh yes they're my two Dicks
First there was York, such a dick
Then I changed to Sergeant, hey what a trick
I love two Dicks, they're great to have around
I'm always smiling -- with two Dicks why frown?
I'm the witch with the most fun -- can't you see
Just one more Dick--and I'd have three
They're my two Dicks, oh yes they're my two Dicks
And come what may, I'm proud to tell you this
I'd pass on a love-filled night with the New York Knicks
'Cause I'm the witch with two dicks!

Welcome to all of Ace's readers. I'd say there's plenty to read, but there isn't. Please click on some of the advertising. Even a nickel of that crazy blog money would be great.

Found at Wizbang Pop. The subject line is from Bugler commenting at Ace's site.

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