21 July 2006


America Supports Israel

Ron at Dean's World has a good post on the support America shows for Israel in response to an outpouring at a Sean Hannity freedom concert. This quote, "They (on the right) know what Israel means and how the hatred for it is the same hatred that the wicked, the jealous, the barbarous have for America.", sums up my support for Israel. Below is an excerpt, but read the whole thing.

There has never been a country, in the long exile of the Jews, that has been more kind to the Jews than the United States of America. Where would Israel be without America? More important: Whither the Jewish people who live there? How many times has America stood by Israel?

This is not because of a Jewish lobby. There was no lobby at Six Flags. Conservatives and especially evangelical Christians have sincerely taken on the cause of Israel as their own. (Interestingly, the non-Jewish libertarianesque types in the Blogosphere I know best, Dean and Glenn Reynolds, are also strongly pro-Israel; I don't think libertarianism, as such, is necessarily inclined one way or the other.) We're talking about Sean Hannity... Oliver North... David Limbaugh. Not the matzah ball crowd. Not on the AIPAC Chanukah list.

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