01 May 2006


United 93 Ending A Surprise To Some

Satire from Point Five. A special showing of United 93 was held for members of the ACLU, Code Pink, International ANSWER, and selected Democrats and the ending came as a surprise for them.
“I didn’t see it coming,” said one young woman with Code Pink. “I was sure the passengers would somehow get the plane down safely.”

“It was devastating,” said an attorney with the ACLU. “Can you imagine if something like that really happened? I’m glad it was just a movie.”
My surprise is the choice of villans by the director. I thought for sure Hollywood would change them into neo-National Socialists, ala The Sum of All Fears.

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Good sarcasm. I wonder if the ACLU has begun suing those passengers who "intentionally" downed United 93? Why, who is to say that the nice muslims were just out taking a plane for a "joy ride" !!
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