16 November 2005


Jimmah Cartah, Peanut Farmah

TikiPundit does a good job of slamming former President Jimmy Carter.

Thanks to Six Meat Buffet who has one of the better summaries of the Carter presidency.
Hypothetical - You get hired for a job. Although you show up for work every day on time wearing your best attitude, you are a real screw up.

For all your good intentions, you lose several of your major clients and the bottom line takes a hit.

A rival company in Cedar Rapids proceeds to kick the crap out of you even though they are still writing their software in DOS.

As the morale of those under you hits bottom, you deep down feel that you and the company deserve to fail.

Fast forward twenty years after they unceremoniously threw you out the door with your cardboard box.

What reaction should you receive as you show up unannounced and opine that the current management is really screwing things up?

I personally would have Security on you before you could push the elevator button.

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