21 November 2005


"Hey, Kurt, can you read lips, fuck you!"

James Lileks rips into Kurt Vonnequt for supporting suicide bombers. Best line, "Dude. Don’t bogart the Semtex." Read the whole thing, but here's an outtake.
Mr. Vonnegut – again, a patriot whose dissent is being cruelly ground into the nurturing earth before your eyes – seems to think that suicide bombings literally happen in a vacuum, an unpopulated space where the bombers just pop like soap bubbles. It may be painless for them – alas – but it is not painless for the victims. You’d think such an obvious observation would go without saying, but we are dealing with an intellectual. What Vonnegut calls brave – blowing yourself up so you can fly up to the great Bunny Ranch in the sky and rut with fragrant houris blessed with self-regenerating hymens – does not exactly compare to the bravery required of the survivors.
h/t Ace

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