02 November 2005


Give'em Hell Harry. Ummm, Right.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has the details of his temper tantrum on his blog. I've been enjoying the comments. A lot of Kool-Aid drinkers. This comment rebutting Mr. Reid is the best of the bunch.
Thank you Mr. Reid.

Your transparent stunt to deflect attention from your lack of ideas via invocation of Rule 21 will ensure that the GOP holds the reigns for yet another election cycle. Was this creative tantrum an idea derived from Rovian-spiked Boston tea or did you assemble this trial ballon with your own set of tinkertoys and balloon juice? Whatever the motivation, the Republican party is ever grateful for the continued flailing in lieu of novel, mature thought.

Your noble attempt to further sabotage the contemporary Democratic (sic) party, however, does have unfortunate consequences. Some of us would prefer more than a single party democracy so that we may avoid the incestuous and compromised assemblage that inevitably occurs when one party attains too much power. Your clumsy tactics, sadly, ensure that such a trend of GOP expansion will continue unabated since petty and disingenous pontification remains blatantly self-absorbed and wholly unappealing to most citizens.

Nonetheless, I wish you the best of luck tearing down from within so that a new set of more enlightened representatives will refill the rolls. You, Sir, are a patriot.
I think they threw the temper tantrum because all they got for Fitzmas was a lump of coal.

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